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September 19, 2022
The Importance of Rugged Connectors in Harsh Environment Applications

In harsh environment applications, a rugged enclosure is only part of the equation. Without robust and reliable interconnects, internal systems are vulnerable to systemic damage and eventual failure.

The explosion of automation and robotics applications has led to a critical convergence in which fragile electronic systems are expected to operate (and survive) under very extreme conditions. This convergence places precision systems where they are exposed to dust, moisture, vibration and thermal shock.

What is IP68?

The electronics industry generally uses IEC-60529 as a standard for intrusion protection. The standard uses a two-digit indicator - the first digit represents protection against fine solids and fine particles such as dust and sand, ranging from 0 (for no protection) to 6 (for full protection).

The second number represents the protection against liquids and ranges from 0 to 9. IP67 is the most common designation and indicates complete protection from solid particles and protection from liquids for at least 30 minutes when submerged in shallow (1 meter) water. .

Why choose IP68?

The IEC standard specifies the basic rules for ingress protection, but it has many other benefits in terms of components and overall system design. To meet the requirements of IEC-60529, manufacturers are required to modify existing components or develop new components that comply with the standard. This has led to the development of new materials, advancements in hardware options, and a better mindset for peer-to-peer connectivity.

The end result is a new engineering environment where design choices are not limited to "OK" - many manufacturers offer rugged and reliable solutions for every application.

Harsh Environment Design Solutions

With advanced electronic systems finding themselves in many dangerous places, ensuring the integrity of the entire system is critical. Using rugged connectors will ensure that sensitive electronics are protected - not only on the design bench - but also in the real world.

Whatever the end application, you can find a rugged IP68 connector solution from MOCO. In designing connectors for harsh environments, we have a long history of providing standard and custom solutions to meet stringent design requirements.

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