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The M16 series connectors are widely used in various challenging environments and applications due to their high precision and high-quality automatic plug and play capability, as well as their self-locking mechanism. These connectors find applications in fields such as audio-visual equipment, medical devices, industrial control, testing and measurement equipment, AV systems, broadcasting, television, and communication industries.

With their simple operation and fast and stable connection mechanism, these m16 waterproof connector provide outdoor waterproof performance rated at IP67. They not only meet high-quality standards but also comply with international environmental requirements for industrial equipment.

About our product

M16 series connectors offer a variety of core designs (2-5/7-9 pins) including RJ45 and fiber optic options, making them suitable for diverse industrial requirements. These connectors are compatible with both signal and power transmission.

They feature a spring lock design that ensures a tight and secure connection, providing safety and reliability. The connectors have strong guiding capability, allowing for blind insertion and user-friendly operation.

Using copper pin welding connection, they are suitable for outdoor installation tasks. The zinc alloy housing and internal components provide excellent electromagnetic and RF interference protection.

The connectors have gold-plated pins, offering high corrosion resistance and conductivity, effectively dealing with temperature rise caused by current flow.

Constructed with PBT material, they possess stable electrical performance, high-pressure resistance, resistance to high temperatures, explosion-proof, and corrosion resistance.

The unique docking design allows for stable and infinitely extendable cable lengths. The flange with four mounting holes ensures a sturdy and secure installation, while single-hole socket mounting is suitable for round hole industrial installations.

The connectors have a rated current of 5-10Arms.

Under connection conditions, the products meet IP65/IP67 protection rating requirements, ensuring reliable performance in various challenging environments.


Cables ranging from 4 to 10mm diameter can be connected to M16 connectors, which are rated to 250 V and withstand impulse voltages of up to 1,500 V, and can handle currents up to 7 A (at 40oC). Factory automation sensors use M16 connectors with a 16MM connection diameter. A variety of industries use them, including sensors, robots, and outdoor LED modules.

The M16 connector style has been widely used in instrumentation, measurement, and sensors for indoor use because of its rugged design and good environmental resistance. Pneumatic controls, gas and pressure measurement, torque sensors, and motor speed regulators are also examples of applications.

Advantages of M16 connectors:

M16 connectors are highly regarded in various industries for their numerous advantages. One of the key benefits is their exceptional durability and reliability, ensuring a stable connection between electronic devices. This sturdy construction also allows M16 connectors to endure harsh environmental conditions, making them well-suited for outdoor or industrial use where exposure to dust, moisture, or extreme temperatures is common. Furthermore, the simple plug-and-play design of M16 connectors makes installation quick and effortless, saving time and effort during assembly processes. Their versatility enables them to be applied in various fields such as automotive systems, telecommunications equipment, and medical devices, providing seamless connectivity across different platforms. Overall, the superior performance and flexibility of m16 cable connector make them the preferred choice for professionals seeking top-quality interconnect solutions.

What is the current rating of the m16 connector?

The connectors have a rated current of 5-10Arms. Under connection conditions, the products meet IP65/IP67 protection rating requirements, ensuring reliable performance in various challenging environments.

Uses of M16 Connectors:

M16 connectors are commonly used in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications, including:

1. Medical and Healthcare Equipment: M16 connectors are commonly used in medical and healthcare equipment, where they are used to connect different components such as sensors and monitoring equipment. They are also commonly used in laboratory equipment, where they are used to connect different instruments.

2. Automation and Control Systems: connector m16 are often used in automation and control systems, where they are used to connect sensors, actuator and control systems. They are commonly used in automotive and aerospace applications, where they are used to transmit signals and power to different components.

3. Robotics and Automation: M16 waterproof connectors are often used in robotics and automation applications, where they are used to transmit signals and power between different components. They are commonly used in robotics applications such as pick-and-place machines, conveyor systems and factory automation.

4. Marine and Offshore Applications: M16 connectors are ideal for use in marine and offshore applications, due to their resistance to moisture and corrosion. They are commonly used in a variety of equipment such as pumps, motors, power generators and control systems.

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