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Military Connector MS5015 MIL-DTL-5015 Industrial Threaded Connectors

Military Connector MS5015 MIL-DTL-5015 Industrial Threaded Connectors

Mil 5015 connectors are a family of heavy-duty circular connectors. MS5015 series military connectors, are widely used in military communication equipment, radar, marine guidance, robotics, etc. This series including straight mil spec plug, 90° elbow plug, wall mount receptacle, box mount receptacle, in-line receptacle and bulkhead feed-thru receptacle.They are selected for their ease of engagement and disengagement, with an ability to house different types of contacts.In addition, it can be used in the rail and mass transit markets.

1.Low cost and general duty;

2.Wide selection of housing styles and insert types;

3.Optional of connectors - cadmium or non-cadmium, environmentally friendly zinc alloy material;

4.Accessories for both individual wire seal and jacketed cable.



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Economical Military Style Solder Connector System

MOCO Connector offers a complete line of MIL-DTL-5015/MIL-C-5015 type solder connectors. MOCO Connectors are built to meet and exceed all performance specifications for the military MIL-DTL-5015 standard. In addition, the series provides a complete offering of accessories to ensure complete protection and reliability. These heavy duty, environmentally resistant connectors offer the protection required for signal and power applications in harsh environments. The MOCO Connector provides a versatile and high-performance, yet economical, solder terminated metal connector solution designed for mission success.MIL DTL 5015 mil grade connectors Cross Reference.

Features & Benefits of Military Connector:

Mil connector-Spec Compatible – 100% compatible with MIL-DTL-5015/MIL-C-5015 Solder

Complete Kits – Get complete backshell and sealing accessories with your connector

Quick Delivery – Short production lead-times on most items

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