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MOCO has widely range of connectors and cables, like push pull circular connectors, sensor connectors, RF connectors, Mil spec connectors, sensor cables, RF cables, camera cables, NDT cables and bare cables, so makes our connectors and cables widely used in aviation, testing, GPS, communication, medical, military and automation instruments.

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MOCO Connectors Connectors are widely used in various fields

MOCO connectors widely used in the fields  of military, medical, measurement, audio-video, automotive, Industrial Electronics and instruments etc. Products with small size an d light weight, can be flexible mounted on varitie s of portable external interfaces, and have great technical performances to satify the re quirements of current or signal connection.

Devices application show from end-customer

MOCO connectors and cables widely used in many projects, like data acquisition machine, GNSS receiver, GPS station, rugged tablet, camera, Non-destructive testing equipment and so on. MOCO’s 2- 30 pin circular push pull connectors and cables, M8, M12, M16 sensor connectors, coaxial and triaxial ndt connectors, and SMA, SMB, SMC RF connectors applied in these machines flexibly. If you have not decided which connector is suitable for your equipment, just drop us messages.

Production process flow | MOCO connector
Audio and Video Field | MOCO connector
Inspection and Measurement Field | MOCO connector
Application of connectors in Medical field
MOCO Connectors in the Communication field
MOCO Connectors in the Energy Field
Applications in the aerospace field | MOCO connector
what is Defense field? | MOCO connector
Application of connectors in industrial control | MOCO connector
Application introduction of MOCO connectors and cables

Connector is a terminal for two devices, so connectors widely used in aviation, audio-video, automation, testing, medical, robot, energy, 5G communication and many emerging industries. Technology is developing, but connector is a stable part for these industries, we are facing many new projects in new filed, so we are trying to make our connectors to be keeping pace with the times. In the future, the fields will be added more in our videos. To be a company which be keeping pace with the times is a such passionate thing.

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