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Sensor cables

The sensor cables are used to supply power to and exchange signals with sensor and switches and it offered easier handling and space savings. Reliable, high-quality cables are available in a variety of connector styles, pole configurations and lengths to accommodate many panel and field wiring needs.  

You can find various sensor connector (M5, M8, M9, M12 sensor cable) and sensor cables here. Different cable sheathings (i.e. PVC, PUR, PUR Automotive, POC for welding areas), lengths, additional connection types (M23, 1/2", 7/8”), UL approval, and optional sheathing colors enable individualized sensor cables. These tailor-made solutions are ideally suited to withstand the mechanical and chemical strain of your industrial application.

Whether you are at home in mechanical engineering, welding, material handling, mobile applications, or in process industry – by providing you with sensors and the corresponding connection components from a single source, we boost your productivity and increase the availability of your machines and plants.

Intro Push-pull connector to 4 pin FGG male to 4 pin FGG male Cable for Industrial control Wireless Focus MOCO connector
MOCO connector Intro to 4 pin FGG male to 4 pin FGG male Cable for Arri LBUS FIZ MDR Wireless Focus MOCO connector,Professionalism: 10 years professional push pull connectors R&D experiences to meet customers’ customized requirements; Excellent sales team, 7/24 help customers to solve their problems.
MOCO T Series T1 plug male to Network Cable Connector Military Ethernet cable
MOCO connector High Quality MOCO T series Straight plug Wholesale - Shenzhen MOCO Interconnect Co., Ltd.,AUTHORITY:  Passed GJB9001C-2017, ISO9001:2015, UL, CE and RoHS certifications
Intro to MOCO F1T7 Fischer ss to USB Cable 1-4m Custom Length Data Cable MOCO connector
MOCO F1T7 Fischer ss to USB Cable 1-4m Custom Length Data Cable,Fit to connect device to computer, Transfer data and download data to device via the computer USB interface.
MOCO Military Extension Cord Plug 250V 10A 3 Pin Laptop Power Cord AC Power Cable
Military-grade power cord,used for electrical equipment with power less than 150W.
MOCO B Series 0BT1 FGG.0B.305 to Right Angle USB Cable
We can make a broad range of cables and connectors. Here are part of custom connector and cables for our customer.For cables, we can make it in any specification. You can choose different cable length, color, jacket material, wire gauge and cable shape.We have a variety of injection molds to make different wire harnesses to meet your needs. Such as a spiral cable, Y-split cable, free ends cable and so on.
MOCO F1T7 Fischer ss male to Serial Port female Military Serial Port Line For Video model transmission
Serial interface is abbreviated as serial port, also called serial communication interface or serial communication interface (usually referred to as COM interface), which is an extended interface using serial communication. Serial Interface refers to the sequential transmission of data bit by bit. Its characteristic is that the communication line is simple, as long as a pair of transmission lines can achieve two-way communication (the telephone line can be directly used as the transmission line), which greatly reduces the cost, and is especially suitable for long-distance communication, but the transmission speed is slow.
MOCO Metal NIBP BP15 matched luer gas path female for medical cable
Metal NIBP Connector with great sealing,quick push pull system,thry are suitable for gas,water connecting in medical devices and industry,Widely used in medical cables,patient monitor,blood oxygen probe and cables,Oxygen meter,etc.
MOCO Audio Plug Connector Supplier & manufacturers | MOCO connector
The video cable, referred to as the video cable, is composed of a video cable and a connector. The video cable is a coaxial shielded cable with a characteristic impedance of 75Ω (Europe). The common specifications are divided into two parts: -3 and -5 according to the wire diameter. There are two types, single-core wire and multi-core wire according to the core wire. The common specifications of the connector are divided into two types according to the connection mode of the cable end. ), RCA (commonly known as lotus head) two kinds. Audio cable, referred to as audio cable, consists of two parts: audio cable and connector, among which: audio cable is generally two-core shielded cable, common connectors are RCA (commonly known as lotus head), XLR (commonly known as XLR), TRS JACKS (commonly known as inserting pen head).
MOCO F series T7 Fischer ss male to mini-usb  Military cable for camrea data transmission
-Security of the push-pull self-latching system;-Multipole types 2 to 19 contacts;-Solder or print contacts(straight or elbow);-High packing density for space savings;-Multiple key options to avoid cross mating of similar connectors;-Keying system for connector alignment;-360°screening for full EMC shielding;-Pull-away plugs with lanyards available.
Custom cable FGG male connector to XLR female connector Cable For Microphone Audio Cable
Microphone line is mainly used for the connection of microphone and audio equipment, this product is grouped by moco b series t1 plug and xlr connetor.

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