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China MOCO Military Connector MIL-DTL-3106 manufacturers - MOCO connector
MOCO connector China MOCO Military Connector MIL-DTL-3106 manufacturers - MOCO connector,Universality: Widely used in the fields of military, medical, audio-video, navigation, measurement, aviation, security, communication and automotive.
Circular Connector S Unipole & Coaxial Male Plug And Female Socket FFA.00.250 for NDT UT cables
S series connectors are used in audio/video applications, Machine industry, medical applications, research instrumentation as well as test and measurement environments. The self-latching connectors are with stepped inserts for alignment (of multipole version)
Professional MOCO FPG.1B Elbow Female Connector to  D Tap Cable Assembly Electrical Wire
MOCO connector Professional MOCO Camera Power Supply Cable manufacturers,AUTHORITY:  Passed GJB9001C-2017, ISO9001:2015, UL, CE and RoHS certifications
MOCO 2021 Winter Solstice Dumpling making Activity
Winter Solstice is an important solar term among the 24 solar terms. It is also a traditional Chinese folk festival for ancestor worship. Regarded as a major winter festival, the winter solstice customs vary from region to region in terms of content or details. In southern China, there is the custom of offering sacrifices to ancestors and feasting on winter solstice. In northern China, it is customary to eat dumplings on the winter solstice every year.
YLH connector Y50X Mil Spec bayonet connector for industrial defence aerospace
Conform to GJB101-97 standard.  With reference to the American standards.  They are equailvant to JY series, YB series and MS series, MS series.  They can cooperate in use with the receptacles which have the same type.  This series connectors are quick coupled by bayonets.  Their contacts are soldered.
MOCO Coaxial Cable TNC Female to FFA 00S T3 Male TNC UT Cable For Industrial Test Survey GPS Receiver Antenna Cable
The invention relates to a medium and small power rf coaxial connector with a screw connecting mechanism;  It has the characteristics of strong vibration resistance, superior performance and high reliability.  
Intro to MOCO F1T7 Fischer ss to USB Cable 1-4m Custom Length Data Cable MOCO connector
MOCO F1T7 Fischer ss to USB Cable 1-4m Custom Length Data Cable,Fit to connect device to computer, Transfer data and download data to device via the computer USB interface.
MOCO Y50EX Series electrical straight plug  male to female Bayonet Connector
Conform to GJB598A-97 standard.  With reference to the American MIL-C-26482 standards.  They are equailvant to JY series, YB series and MS series, MS series.  They can cooperate in use with the receptacles which have the same type.  This series connectors are quick coupled by bayonets.  Their contacts are soldered.
Best MOCO LYP SERIES Circular Bayonet Aviiation Connector Supplier
LYP series widely used in various electronic and electrical equipment between the circuit connection.Bayonet connection,easy to use, quick plug,complete specifications,sealed socket. Flange installation and cable installation.
Blue Red White Black UL Certified Teflon Silicon PVC Bare Cables 30 AWG 28AWG 26 AWG
1.Jacket material: Teflon, silicon, PVC2.Colors: Black, White, red, green, grey3.Wire gauge: 16 AWG, 18 AWG , 20 AWG, 22 AWG, 24 AWG, 26 AWG, 28 AWG, 30 AWG4. UL standard: UL1007 UL1015
MOCO XCH Series Bayonet electrical connector for various electrical equipment
This series is a wire spring type power connector. The contacts adopt a variety of termination forms. The shell is made of high-strength aluminum alloy. The plug and socket can be equipped with pins and holes. The connection method is bayonet quick connection and Separation, threaded connection can also be used, convenient operation, reliable connection, anti-vibration and impact resistance. The jack is a wire spring with soft plugging and unplugging, low contact resistance, moisture-proof, salt-fog, mold-proof, rain-proof and other characteristics , It is mainly used for line connection under high current working conditions between power stations and various electrical equipment.
MOCO YW Series Stainless steel RJ45 high-speed network connector
It is a new type of highly reliable network connector. It is especially suitable for data transmission between network and network, between network and PC, and between PC and digital equipment in harsh environment. The interface size conforms to the installation of MIL-C-26482 (GJB598) and GJB599. The performance index conforms to GJB598 and TIA/EIA-568.Executive standard: Q/FYQJ0003-2016
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