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Ultrasonic Connector

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MOCO Ultrasonic Connector 00 0S 1S 2S FFA & PCA Coaxial Female Male Connector
MOCO connector Customized MOCO Ultrasonic Connector 00 0S 1S 2S FFA & PCA Coaxial Female Male Connector manufacturers From China,Flexibility: Quickly and flexibility response for customer requirements and market changes. Universal model are rich in stock to achieve fast delivery.
MOCO Metal NIBP BP15 matched luer gas path female for medical cable
Metal NIBP Connector with great sealing,quick push pull system,thry are suitable for gas,water connecting in medical devices and industry,Widely used in medical cables,patient monitor,blood oxygen probe and cables,Oxygen meter,etc.
26 Pin Metal Connector Circular Waterproof Connector 1K FGG Male Plug And EEG Female Receptacle
K series connectors are designed for out door applications. All  models of this series arewatertight when  mated to give a protection degree IP68 when correctly assembled to an appropriate cable(at least IP66). 
Best D-tap cable to FHG 0B 5 Pin Male Power Cable for Camera power supply Supplier
MOCO connector Best D-tap cable to FHG 0B 5 Pin Male Power Cable for Camera power supply Supplier,Universality: Widely used in the fields of military, medical, audio-video, navigation, measurement, aviation, security, communication and automotive.
Best Quality MOCO Electrical Socket For Military Bayonet Connectors Factory
Y11 series circular electrical connectors comply with the GJB101A-1997 standard and are suitable for connecting strategic weapon systems, aerospace satellite systems, aviation and navigation vehicles, ground launching and receiving systems, high-energy and high-heat industrial systems, communication and testing systems, industrial and electrical power systems, etc. Signal.
The quality of MOCO connectors is always beyond the expected
The quality of MOCO connectors is always beyond the expected
Blue Red White Black UL Certified Teflon Silicon PVC Bare Cables 30 AWG 28AWG 26 AWG
1.Jacket material: Teflon, silicon, PVC2.Colors: Black, White, red, green, grey3.Wire gauge: 16 AWG, 18 AWG , 20 AWG, 22 AWG, 24 AWG, 26 AWG, 28 AWG, 30 AWG4. UL standard: UL1007 UL1015
MOCO F1T7 Fischer ss male to Serial Port female Military Serial Port Line For Video model transmission
Serial interface is abbreviated as serial port, also called serial communication interface or serial communication interface (usually referred to as COM interface), which is an extended interface using serial communication. Serial Interface refers to the sequential transmission of data bit by bit. Its characteristic is that the communication line is simple, as long as a pair of transmission lines can achieve two-way communication (the telephone line can be directly used as the transmission line), which greatly reduces the cost, and is especially suitable for long-distance communication, but the transmission speed is slow.
MOCO GX16 2PIN cable mount male plug female Aviation Connector
GX16 series connectors adopt domestic standard production, reliable connection, affordable, practical, beautiful, widely used in machine tool electrical appliances, NUMERICAL control equipment, medical instruments, servo motors, ships and aviation and other industries internal core parts adopt reliable insulation, high temperature resistant PPS engineering materials, with excellent electrical insulation Good, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, flame retardant and other characteristics of the pin jack with high quality copper gold plating treatment, copper pin gold plating, strong electrical conductivity, small resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, longer service life, and conduction is more stable shell alloy plating treatment, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance is better, make the product surface more beautiful.
Military Connector MS5015 MIL-DTL-5015 Industrial Threaded Connectors
MS5015 series military connectors, are widely used in military communication equipment, radar, marine guidance, robotics, etc. This series including straight plug, 90° elbow plug, wall mount receptacle, box mount receptacle, in-line receptacle and bulkhead feed-thru receptacle.1.Low cost and general duty;2.Wide selection of housing styles and insert types;3.Optional of connectors - cadmium or non-cadmium, environmentally friendly zinc alloy material;4.Accessories for both individual wire seal and jacketed cable.
MOCO Y50EX 7pin Circular Bayonet electrical connector for high energy and high heat industrial system
Conform to GJB598A-97 standard.  With reference to the American MIL-C-26482 standards.  They are equailvant to JY series, YB series and MS series, MS series.  They can cooperate in use with the receptacles which have the same type.  This series connectors are quick coupled by bayonets.  Their contacts are soldered.
MOCO Military Extension Cord Plug 250V 10A 3 Pin Laptop Power Cord AC Power Cable
Military-grade power cord,used for electrical equipment with power less than 150W.
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