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wire spring type power connector

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MOCO connector is manufactured under precision casting workmanship. It has to go through cutting machining, thermal treating, and surface treating by skillful technicians. .
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MOCO XCH Series Bayonet electrical connector for various electrical equipment
This series is a wire spring type power connector. The contacts adopt a variety of termination forms. The shell is made of high-strength aluminum alloy. The plug and socket can be equipped with pins and holes. The connection method is bayonet quick connection and Separation, threaded connection can also be used, convenient operation, reliable connection, anti-vibration and impact resistance. The jack is a wire spring with soft plugging and unplugging, low contact resistance, moisture-proof, salt-fog, mold-proof, rain-proof and other characteristics , It is mainly used for line connection under high current working conditions between power stations and various electrical equipment.
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