What Should Consider When Buying a Military Connector?

April 16, 2024

All copes working in military, naval, or aerospace environments always need reliable tools and resources not only to protect the nation’s sovereignty but also to perform day-to-day operations.

The military connectors are one of the most important tools in this regard that play a critical role in guaranteeing the smooth operation of military equipment and gadgets.

These connectors are specialized connectors that are designed keeping in view the working conditions of the military and aerospace environments. Moreover, there are some strict standards and compliance with these standards is inevitable.

Nevertheless finding a manufacturer who can offer you a military connector according to your specifications and adheres to international standards is a tedious task. Are you confronting similar challenges?

Do not worry, this article is focused on unveiling reliable military connector manufacturers i.e., MOCO Connectors who will surely cater to all of your needs relevant to military connectors. Let’s delve deeper for further understanding.  

Things to Consider When Buying a Military Connector

Before you step into the market of connectors bombarded with numerous options, here are some important factors that you should consider while buying connectors that fulfill military standards.

Military connector specifications

The military connectors are available in different specifications, therefore, you must know exactly which military connector specifications you need.

For instance, the number of contacts or conductive elements may vary which determines the ability to mate with the relevant element and offer an electrical path.

Similarly, the contact type can be sockets or pins and you may select one that suits your preferences.

Insulation Resistance

Insulation resistance is another important parameter that military connectors must offer. The connectors should be well insulated and capable of bearing dielectric voltages with no arcing disruptive discharge, or corona flashover.

Pressure-Proof Caps

In case the connectors have to be used in high-pressure environments, then you should confirm whether it has hermetically sealed pressure-proof caps or not as interruption of hydrostatic pressure can be damaging.

Terminal Type

As the name indicates, the terminal refers to the part of the connector that is responsible for terminating the connection. Several options are available in terminal types including cage clamp, crimp, and solder cups.

Coupling Type

Another important factor that you must remember before buying is the coupling type and which type suits a particular application. Do you know what is a coupler?

A coupler refers to a connector that helps the joining of elements and is relevant to power or electric wave transference from one device or component to another.

Different coupling military connector types that are available in the market are push/pull, bayonet, breech lock, Threaded, and spring rack.

Each coupling type is designed to work for different situations. For instance, bayonet coupling is used for coaxial connectors, however, it is not suitable in harsh conditions. On the other hand, the spring rack with its quick connection and easy attachment is suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.

Weight and Space

The size, weight, and contact density are important considerations when buying military connectors. For example, connectors are available in different sizes and there is a possibility to choose from a locking system, pin counts, and plating and material options.

Moreover, the weight and space covered by the connectors are also significant. For instance, in case where you want to save space, you should go for micro connectors that are lighter in weight, shorter in length, and smaller in diameter.

High Power Levels

There is also a demand for connectors that can manage high currents. So, if you want a connector to be used in an environment where extreme temperature and vibrations are encountered, then you should select a connector that can bear a current up to 80 A.

Compliance with Standards

You should check the compliance with the relevant and applicable standards before finalizing the military connector. For instance, if you reside in Europe then you should check whether the connector complies with RoHS standards which are meant to ensure the decreased level of hazardous substances in connectors.

On the other hand, if you are in the US then compliance with DoD standards is essential and for operation in the aviation industry, ARNIC is the applicable standard and you confirm whether the connector complies with it or not.

Other Features

There are some other features that you look for when buying a military connector like

● The connector must have an integrated filter to ensure protection against magnets or signals

● Must have a sealing if the intended use is underwater

● It must be hermetically sealed to avoid moisture leakage especially if it has to be used underwater

● RFI/EMI filter must be present to eradicate electromagnetic interference

● It should be capable of bearing varying harsh environmental conditions like sun, dirt, or chemicals.


Why Choose MOCO Connectors?

MOCO Connectors is the world’s leading manufacturer of connectors. They offer a wide range of connectors that are suitable for multiple applications. Since its inception in 2012, the company has been offering reliable connectors to more than 56 countries worldwide.


Having an experience of more than 11 years and a dedicated team of more than 500 professionals, you can easily trust it and confidently consider them to buy military connectors.

Let’s see what type of connectors it has for military equipment.


Product Highlights - Military Connectors at MOCO Connectors

MOCO Connectors has a separate product category of connectors to fulfill the criteria of military specifications and standards. These connectors are generally used in computers, navigation, military communications, radar, electronic warfare, and marine guidance control.


Some of the popular Military connectors by MOCO are:

● Military Circular Connector - i.e. D38999, MIL-DTL-5015

● Micro Rectangular Connector - i.e. J30J-15TJL, MIL-DTL-83513)

● Bayonet Connector (i.e. YLH Y50 series)

Some of the competitive offerings that you can enjoy with MOCO Military Connectors are

● Easy to engage and disengage

● Facilitate the signal and power lines in one mil-spec ethernet connector

● Powerful mechanical performance in hard environmental conditions

● No compatibility issues with popular international brands

● Multiple options for pins and sizes as per your requirement

● Cost-effective and affordable

● Captive and interlock nut to avoid inadvertent disassembly

● Compliance with relevant standards

Final Words

To conclude, military connectors are specialized connectors designed to withstand hard environmental conditions. However, there are a wide variety of options in these connectors and you must be clear on specifications and intended use of the connector to choose the best.

MOCO Connectors is the most reliable name in this regard as they not only offer a diverse range of connectors but are also available 24/7 to offer customized solutions to your unique needs. 

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