Types and applications of industrial connector

January 12, 2024

What is  industrial connector?

Industrial connector is critical components in a wide range of industrial devices because they enable the secure transmission of signals. They perform numerous tasks and support various applications. Industrial connectors are critical components in a wide range of industrial devices because they enable the secure transmission of signals. They perform numerous tasks and support various applications.

Types of industrial connector:

With increased automation in industrial applications, the demand for reliable connectors is on the rise. Moco Connectors, one of the best industrial connectors manufacturers, provides highly efficient industrial connectors with plastic or metal encasing. Circular connectors that are used for industrial connector applications include:

M5 Series Connectors

These miniature circular connectors find their use in automotive, process control, commercial electronics, and instrumentation applications.

M8 Series Connectors

These efficient connectors come with high environmental protection and are easy to install. They are ideal for use in process control, industrial machinery, and factory automation applications.

M12 Series Connectors

The M12 circular connector was first utilized in the automotive manufacturing sector in the early 1980's. It has since become a leader in the industrial automation and industrial controls sector with its ability to endure stressful environments and protect against dust while remaining waterproof. One of the most reliable connectors with an extremely low failure rate, the m12 industrial connector are great for sensor connections. They can also be used for Fieldbus connections. M12 applications include industrial controls and industrial automation connectors such as remote process sensors, robotics control systems, ruggedized networking, & power conditioning systems.

M23 Series Connectors

With IP67 ratings, the M23 series connectors can withstand voltages up to 200V and currents up to 8A, making them ideal for industrial automation connector applications.

400 Series Connectors

In addition to their compact size and lightweight, these connectors are quite robust and reliable, making them ideal for medical, infrastructure, and automotive applications.

6000 Series Connectors

These connectors are rated IP68 and IP69K, which means they can withstand extreme conditions including high-pressure water jets as well as saltwater submersion.


As previously mentioned, industrial connectors are crucial for transmitting signals between cables and various devices or components within industrial systems. However, due to the wide range of available connector classes, groups, and industrial connector types, not every connector is suitable for all requirements. In short, diverse connectors serve distinct application needs. Now let's explore some commonly sought-after areas where custom industrial connectors are used and provide expert guidance and suggestions on the optimal connectors for your specific industry.

Industrial Applications: In today's industrial landscape, the demand for dependable and sturdy interconnected devices has never been higher. With the rise of automation and internet-connected applications comes a greater need for connectors. However, in such a demanding environment, these connectors are faced with various challenges such as exposure to mechanical, chemical, and electrical stresses like extreme temperatures, vibration, shock, and corrosive elements. Common examples of industrial connector applications include process control systems, automotive manufacturing, industrial robotics, semiconductor manufacturing, and food & beverage processing.

Military Applications: Military connectors must endure shock, corrosion, and extremely changing temperatures, as well as other combat conditions. Military connectors of this type are designed to operate over a wide temperature range and have greater performance capabilities.

Medical Applications: In the medical field, cables and connectors play a critical role by facilitating the transmission of power, data, and control signals in equipment and devices. To be suitable for use in medical applications, industrial connectors and cables must have the ability to withstand harsh medical and chemical environments, as well as meet other important requirements such as high mating cycle capability, quick connect/disconnect functionality, good EMI/RFI performance, and a high IP rating. These industrial connectors and cables can be utilized in various clinical settings such as surgical devices, therapeutic tools, and diagnostic equipment.

Transportation Applications: Connectors for mass transit, railways, off-road heavy equipment, and commercial marine applications must be rugged and be able to withstand demanding requirements such as accommodating extreme environments and being resistant to corrosion and mud. Lighting, doors, sensors, and brakes are among the applications that require high reliability, so these connectors are important.

Communications Applications: Rugged connectors and cable assembly solutions are indispensable for data and network servers, routers, monitors, storage systems, support equipment, and other computer peripherals.

These will be designed for harsh environments and meet the highest standards for shock and vibration, EMC, extended temperature exposure, water ingress, dust, and high humidity. Among the connectors recommended for transportation applications are ruggedized hybrid connectors, circular connectors, power connectors, and data connectors.

To knon more about industrial connectors and all other products please visit the Moco Connectors Website.Many applications also require customized connector solutions.Should you need help in any way with your industrial connectors or other electrical control components, feel free to reach out to us.

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