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October 13, 2022

Connector is also called connector and socket in our country. It usually refers to electrical connector, that is, connecting two active devices and transmitting current or signal.

The male and female terminals of the connector can transmit information or current after contact, and it has become an indispensable part of electronic equipment. Connectors are also classified into different types according to different usage scenarios and different application objects. So, what are the common connectors and what are the specific categories? Let's have a look below.

In fact, there is no fixed classification of connectors, but in practice, connectors are often categorized according to their purpose, shape, structure, and performance for better classification and management.

1. Divide according to shape

According to the shape of the connector, there are five types of connectors: round connector, rectangular connector, bar connector, curved connector and D connector, of which round connector and rectangular connector are the most common!

2, according to the use of environmental conditions

According to the use of environmental conditions, it is mainly divided into sealed connector, radiation resistant connector, high temperature connector, low temperature connector, automatic shedding and separation electrical connector, etc.

3. According to electrical requirements

According to its electrical requirements, it can be divided into ordinary connectors, high-power connectors, high-voltage connectors, pulse connectors, low-noise connectors, noise filter connectors, low-frequency connectors, high-frequency connectors, phase modulation connectors and precision coaxial connectors.

4, according to the structure

According to the different structure, the connectors are divided into threaded connectors, in-line connectors, pin connectors, push-pull connectors and bayonet connectors.

5. According to the terminal form of the contact parts

According to the end mode of the contact parts, it can be divided into crimping connector, welding connector, wound connector, and table mount connector. Note that this classification only applies to electrical connectors.

6, according to the special structure division

Connectors are classified into meta-plug-force connectors, rubber connectors, rotary connectors, fork connectors, and optical connectors.

7, according to the level of interconnection points

Electrical interconnection can be divided into five levels according to the function of the internal and external connection of electronic devices, that is, the internal connection of chip packaging, the connection of IC packaging pins and PCB, the connection of printed circuits and wires or printed boards, the connection of bottom plate and bottom plate, and the connection between devices.

8. Divide by connector model

In the connector industry at home and abroad, there are two ways of thinking about product model naming.

One is to use alphanumeric code and numerical method, and strive to reflect the main structural features of the product in the model name. The advantage of this approach is that it is easy to identify, but the arrangement is too long, too complex, and with the miniaturization of connectors, it makes it difficult to print. At present, this way is still popular in China, and has been stipulated in some industry standards and even national standards, such as SJ2298-83 (printed circuit connector), SJ2297-83 (rectangular connector), SJ2459-84 (ribbon cable connector), GB9538-88 (ribbon cable connector) and so on.

And in foreign words, prefer to use Arabic numerals combination, the advantages of this way is concise, easy to computer management and small product logo printing. At present, the major connector manufacturers in the world adopt this method.

9, according to the purpose and use of points

The connectors are classified into mobile phone connectors, power connectors, high-voltage connectors, automotive connectors, aviation connectors, high-speed signal connectors, and optical connectors.

The above is the current common connector types, in fact, there are many kinds of connectors, there is no fixed classification, the above classification is mainly easy to identify and management, in the function and nature of the basic there is no big difference.


1.How long will I get my order after the payment?
It based on quantity, products types and the arrangement of the production department. But we will give ETA date in quotation and contract.
2.How I choose a connector which suitable for me?
We have detailed catalog, pls contact us to have it.
3.Can I order a small quantity?
For most of the standard connectors, our MOQ is 1-10pcs. And we support sample orders for each series. For detail information, please inquire us!


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