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September 22, 2022

Connectors sometimes have some faults. There are four main types of faults: poor contact, poor insulation, poor fixation and poor sealing. In order to improve the efficiency of customers' use of connectors, to enable customers to timely prevent possible problems in the process of using push-pull self-locking connectors, and to quickly find suitable solutions after problems occur, Jilongtai summarizes some of the problems in the use of connectors. Common faults and corresponding troubleshooting methods are introduced in detail below.

1. Poor sealing.

Phenomenon: Sealing damage or leak rate exceeding tolerance

Cause: The stress concentration of the glass insulator causes cracks and damage, and the installation gasket fails.

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Remedy: Replace the sealed socket or gasket

2. Poor fixation.

(1) Phenomenon: Shell damage

Causes: Internal defects of the shell, damage by external force

Remedy: Replace the connector or housing

(2) Phenomenon: The bayonet connector is loose after being inserted

Cause: The corrugated spring is broken

Remedy: Replace the plug or the corrugated spring

(3) Phenomenon: The bayonet connector is stuck after being inserted

Cause: Poor quality of corrugated spring, unstable elasticity

Remedy: Replace the plug or the corrugated spring

(4) Phenomenon: The plug and socket cannot be inserted together

Cause: misuse, key position mismatch

Troubleshooting method: Do not force mating in case of this fault, check the hole arrangement and key position, and complete the correct mating

3. Poor insulation.

(1) Phenomenon: short circuit, insulation resistance out of tolerance

Causes: high humidity in the use environment, serious pollution, water or other liquids infiltrating the inside of the insulator, metal excess falling into the inside

Elimination method: improve the use environment, wash foreign excess with alcohol, dry with hot air

(2) Phenomenon: The insulator is broken

Causes: Excessive insertion force, internal defect of the insulator, damage by external force

Remedy: Replace the connector or insulator

4. Poor contact.

(1) Phenomenon: Contact resistance increases

Causes: The positive pressure of the contact part is reduced, the elastic part is deformed, and the socket is loose

Remedy: replace the contacts

(2) Phenomenon: The contact piece does not touch, causing the circuit breaker

Causes: Improper use, permanent deformation of the jack due to the expansion of the large diameter pin or pen

Remedy: replace the jack

(3) Phenomenon: the contact piece curtain moves

Cause: Contact size is out of tolerance, jaw damage

Remedy: Replace the connector or contact

(4) Phenomenon: the circuit is on and off

Causes: There is non-metallic excess between the contacts or the film resistance is out of tolerance, the socket is permanently deformed after multiple insertions and unplugging, and the elasticity of the contacts is insufficient

Remedy: 1. Clean with alcohol and dry with hot air; 2. Reciprocate plugging and unplugging to destroy the oxide film to make it meet the requirements; 3. Replace or trim the contact parts.

(5) Phenomenon: The wire is damaged or broken, causing an open circuit

Causes: Too much stress on individual wires when wrapping the wire harness, the wire assembly does not take into account the random position difference between the wires to leave a margin, the termination process is poor, there is virtual welding and virtual pressure, and the wire is not clamped by the wrong assembly. Cable clips

Remedy: replace with new contacts (crimp), re-solder (solder), straighten out the wiring harness

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