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MOCO Push-pull connector F series straight plug with half-shell connector plugs and sockets

Low voltage push-pull connectors for data, signal, electrical and power use!
MOCO connectors are used in instrumentation, medical devices, and anywhere a high density, high reliability, quick mating connector is needed.

These are high precision connectors. High Packing density for space saving, complete EMC shielding, shock resistance,

vibration resitance, and corrosion resistance this is the highest quality connector on the market.

Main Features of push pull connectors:
-Security of the push-pull self-latching system;
-Multipole types 2 to 19 contacts;
-Solder or PCB contacts(straight or elbow);
-High packing density for space savings;

-Multiple key options to avoid cross mating of similar connectors;
-360°screening for full EMC shielding;

Moco Connectors is an authorized distributor for leading circular push pull connector manufacturers.

At Moco Connectors, we offer a range of push pull connectors designed for high reliability and quality in various applications. These pushpull connectors are especially useful in cramped spaces where ease and speed of connection are essential. Our push-pull connectors are commonly used in medical settings, such as medical imaging and cardio management, as well as instrumentation like industrial controllers and electronic test equipment. They also see frequent use in military and radio/communication fields, including police radar and audio/video communications.

The Push pull connector is a reliable and adaptable mechanism widely used in various industries to establish secure connections between electronic devices. Its effortless plug-in and removal function is achieved through a simple push or pull motion, making it convenient for use in tight spaces or high-vibration environments. The ergonomic design ensures ease of use and a strong connection with minimal signal loss or interference. This type of connector is highly durable and able to withstand extreme temperatures, dust, and moisture, thanks to its sturdy construction. The self-latching feature enhances stability by preventing accidental disconnections caused by external forces. Furthermore, advanced shielding technology allows the push pull electrical connectors to effectively eliminate electromagnetic interference (EMI), ensuring optimal signal integrity for critical applications in fields like medicine and aerospace. Beyond traditional electrical connections, this versatile connector can also be utilized for fiber optic cables or coaxial cables, offering superior performance tailored to specific industry needs.

How to choose push pull electrical connectors?

When selecting the push pull electrical connectors, there are various crucial factors to consider in order to achieve the best choice for your specific application. Firstly, take into account the type of environment the connector will be used in as it plays an important role. For harsh industrial settings, ensure that the push pull cable connectors has sturdy construction and reliable sealing properties to protect against damaging elements such as dust and moisture. Secondly, carefully examine the electrical requirements for your project. The chosen push-pull connector should have adequate current-carrying capacity and signal integrity while also minimizing losses from resistance or interference. Mechanical compatibility is another essential aspect to check – verifying that both ends of the connection align without causing stress on either component is vital for long-term performance and durability. Moreover, do not overlook ease of use; opt for ergonomically designed push-pull connectors with user-friendly locking mechanisms that simplify installation and allow for quick and effortless disconnection when needed. Finally, consider product reliability from reputable manufacturers with proven track records as a sign of quality assurance when making an informed decision about which pushpull connectors is most suitable for your needs.

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