10 years experiences in R&D and manufacture of high quality electrical cable and electrical connector.
MOCO Audio Plug Connector Supplier & manufacturers | MOCO connector

MOCO Audio Plug Connector Supplier & manufacturers | MOCO connector

The video cable, referred to as the video cable, is composed of a video cable and a connector. The video cable is a coaxial shielded cable with a characteristic impedance of 75Ω (Europe). The common specifications are divided into two parts: -3 and -5 according to the wire diameter. There are two types, single-core wire and multi-core wire according to the core wire. The common specifications of the connector are divided into two types according to the connection mode of the cable end. ), RCA (commonly known as lotus head) two kinds. Audio cable, referred to as audio cable, consists of two parts: audio cable and connector, among which: audio cable is generally two-core shielded cable, common connectors are RCA (commonly known as lotus head), XLR (commonly known as XLR), TRS JACKS (commonly known as inserting pen head).



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The appealing design of MOCO connector  comes from talented design team.

MOCO Audio Plug Connector Supplier & manufacturers | MOCO connector


1.How long will I get my order after the payment?
It based on quantity, products types and the arrangement of the production department. But we will give ETA date in quotation and contract.
2.How can I place an order
Please click the “contact”  tag. Then you can send us your inquiry by email, or directly call us. Let us talk about the details.
3.How I choose a connector which suitable for me?
We have detailed catalog, pls contact us to have it.


1.AUTONOMY: Owned advanced imported production equipment and professional inspection and testing equipment to complete the production and testing independently
2.AUTHORITY:  Passed GJB9001C-2017, ISO9001:2015, UL, CE and RoHS certifications
3.Professionalism: 10 years professional push pull connectors R&D experiences to meet customers’ customized requirements; Excellent sales team, 7/24 help customers to solve their problems.
4.Universality: Widely used in the fields of military, medical, audio-video, navigation, measurement, aviation, security, communication and automotive.

About MOCO connector

Shenzhen MOCO Interconnect Co., Ltd,is a high-tech enterprise with nearly a decade experience of developing, designing and manufacturing push-pull self-locking connectors. With a number of authoritative patents,MOCO can supply eco-friendly qualitied and cable assmbly solutions for you. With 1600 square meters premises for research & development and production. Under the excellent management and great efforts of innovation for many years by MOCO team, we have developed a lot of popular products such as push pull connectors, bayonet connector and military connector.MOCO connectors are of stable performance and attractive appearance which are interchangeable with international brands, widely used in the fields measurement, medical, audio-video, military, navigation, scurity, aviation,industrial control, automotive and power etc.We have got 10 utility patents, 2 trade mark and 8 design patents, and passed UL,CE,RoHS and ISO9001:2015 certification. MOCO provides professional technology and service quarantee for your choice. MOCO imported modern high precision and high efficiencyprofessional processing equipment, including STAR CNC machines imported from japan, contact optical sorting machine, injection machine and grinding machine, and suppliemented with professionals and management team. MOCO implement comprehensive quality management,strictly implement the requirements of ISO9001:2015 quality managemen.

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